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Why Own AR 15 – The Most Popular Gun in America?

Posted by MCS Gearup on Jan 7th 2020

With soaring popularity, AR-15 continues to maintain its position and charm among the shooters. Its highly reliable and customizable features make it a favorite choice of gun owners. In recent years, AR-15 has evolved as a modular rifle that is infinitely hackable and accessorisable. You can easily modify and personalize your firearm or build it according to your choice from scratch. Owners can easily change the calibers by swapping out bolts, barrels, magazines. Adding additional accessories like sure-fire flashlights, crimson trace laser sights is very easy and convenient. The military enthusiasts prefer AR-15 for changeable grip styles and stock sizes that can be customized to suit the individual need and requirements. 

We are naming a few customizable parts and accessories for AR-15. You can choose your favorite AR-15 accessories and design your own personalized AR-15. 

Takedown Pin Front and Rear
Takedown pin is a crucial part of a rifle, it holds the lower and upper receivers together. Apart from keeping the rifle intact, it also affects the overall shooting performance. Takedown pins bring more functionality to assembly and disassembly of the rifle. Choosing a right takedown pin is of vital significance, you should select a pin which is made with strong materials and can stand strong against the test of time to offer durable performance. 

A2 Post Fixed Rear Iron Sight 
Instructors and professional shooters recommend using fixed sights because they are more dependable and allow for finer adjustments. A2 fixed rear iron sight comes with dual aiming apertures that can be accurately adjusted for short and long-range shooting. One of the major advantages of iron sight is its ability to hold zero in position even with bumps in and out of the stand. The precision windage and elevation knob adjustments make it a popular choice.

Alpha Mil Collapsible Rifle Butt Stock
Aiming the right target can be difficult if the rifle is too heavy and uncomfortable, this is where collapsible butt stock comes into the picture. It is one of the most essential customizable parts of AR-15 rifle that makes the handling of the rifle easy. MCS Gearup has developed alpha mill butt stock that makes your rifle compact without compromising on the function. It is light in weight and prevents any tangles with the gear with its snag-free design. Alpha mil butt stock comes with two different types of ambidextrous sling mounting options. Designed with a rubber textured pad, it extends the ease of comfortably holding the rifle.

MCS Gearup is a one-stop destination for all your firearm customizing needs. We offer high-on performance and durable parts for AR-15 rifles that are available on affordable pricing. Our inventory includes scopes, sights, magazines, grips, bags, sling and many other types of equipment for building a customizable firearm.