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Choosing Versatile, Effective AR 15 Sights
AR15 sights - specifically iron sights - are workhorses and the very icon of reliability. The batteries will never fail. They are waterproof, fog-proof, dirt and dust-proof, and effectively shockproof. Some models made from polymers are also effectively corrosion-proof. 

They’ll never go dark when you need them most and in the hands of an experienced shooter, AR-15 iron sights are a versatile, effective alternative to optics like rifle scopes. They enable precise shot placement and keep the sight picture open. 

At the very least, get a pair of iron sights and use them as a redundant measure, to back up your rifle optics or reflex sights when it’s too dark when the power goes out, or when you need to keep your sight picture clear for fast target acquisition and rapid follow up shots. 

Get the Best of Both Worlds
You don’t need to choose between expensive high-end optics and practical, effective iron sights. For a few dollars, you can get a backup pair of flip-up front and rear sights that will fold out of the way when you have an optic or a red dot sight mounted. 

See a problem with the fact that optics sit on top of flip-up iron sights? We have a solution: offset sights. Mount offset flip AR15 sights to your platform and you won’t need to choose between optics and iron sights again. They’re an effective backup and let you choose the sighting option to suit the engagement. 

Looking for a triple redundancy measure to guarantee preparation for any engagement? Get a laser sight and mount it forward on a section of your Picatinny rail. With a set of flip-up, offset backup iron sights, your main optics, and a laser sight, you’ll have a triple back up sighting system for quick target acquisition.