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AR Lower-Parts

What Comes with an AR15 Lower Parts Kit?
AR15 lower parts kits and complete build kits do not contain the same components. Oftentimes, a lower parts kit will come with only the hardware that is necessary to assemble the AR-15 lower once the receiver blank has been complete with a jig kit and mill.

For example, our Upgraded AR15 lower parts kit comes with the following components and hardware:

● Mag catch assembly
● Safety selector lever
● Bolt catch assembly with plunger, spring, and roll pin
● Buffer tube detent plunger and retainer spring
● Takedown pin, detents, and springs
● Safety spring and detent
● Takedown and pivot pins
● Trigger hammer pin
● Trigger guard assembly

However, this AR-15 power parts kit notably does not contain a receiver blank or fire controls, both of which are necessary to complete the construction of the lower. It also does not come with a buffer tube and system, stock, pistol grip, lower receiver blank, or upper parts kit, both of which are necessary to finish the build.

What Else Do I Need to Complete a Build?
In addition to a lower parts kit, you’ll also need (at minimum and in addition to the parts mentioned above) an upper parts kit or an assembled upper.

Many of our assembled uppers come with the following components:
● The upper receiver itself
● A barrel (which will come installed in a complete upper assembly)
● A handguard ● Gas system (block and tube)

Some of our assembled uppers also come with:
● A charging handle
● A forward assist
● An ejection port cover
● A muzzle brake

Also note that some assembled uppers may come without a CH (charging handle) forward assist (FA), a muzzle device, or an ejection port cover, so please consult the upper assembly technical specifications or consult the seller or manufacturer if you are unsure about what it contains.

Contact Us for Help
Building your own AR at home can be a very rewarding process but it does require a great deal of technical and mechanical expertise. If you have any questions about our parts kits, or what parts or tools you will need, please contact us at 239-848-6757.