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Gun Optics: Rifle Scopes, Red Dot & Reflex Sights
Adding gun optics like a red dot sight or a scope to your platform can significantly improve time-to-target acquisition and improve your accuracy, especially at greater ranges. A red dot sight will help keep your sight picture clear and is much like a point-and-shoot optic. It also frees the shooter from issues of parallax distortions. Red dot sights, like laser sights, enable rapid shot strings and fast follow-up shots; they can also be fired accurately from multiple positions and allow the shooter to keep a clear sight picture with both eyes open.

While it takes longer to acquire a target through a scope, at greater distances, scopes enable more confident shooting and more accurate shot placement. There are optics that allow you to take full advantage of the best of both worlds. Our assault optic includes a section of Picatinny rail and comes with a micro red dot sight so shooters can shoot confidently regardless of the range of circumstances.

Pair Your Optics with Iron Sights
However, you should always provide your platform with a backup to optics like these in the form of iron sights. Although some optics will cover up or incapacitate a rifle’s normal iron sights, you can replace them with a backup pair of offset iron sights that you can use in any conditions, especially when paired with a weapon light.