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Your rifle’s stock has a significant impact on your shooting experience, affecting not only comfort and overall “fit” but also accuracy and even felt recoil. Don’t overlook the profound impact a rifle stock makes on LOP (length of pull) and how the ergonomics of the comb height affect eye relief. You can feel as soon as you mount a gun whether or not it fits you well; length of pull that is either too long or too short for a shooter will adversely affect comfort and accuracy; poorly matched comb height can do the same. 

Luckily, most modern rifles have modular stocks that can easily be adjusted to afford a better fit between different shooters, or even to accommodate different clothing through the seasons. Also luckily, most modern rifles have stocks that can easily be detached and replaced; if your sporting rifle came from the factory with a stock that just doesn’t fit you well, upgrade it with one of our rifle stocks and improve your confidence over the sights! 

You can also change the effects of perceived recoil by adjusting or replacing the buffer tube, weights, and springs contained inside your rifle stock. Adding heavier weights can cut back on felt recoil significantly, improve the balance and handling of the gun, all while managing muzzle jump and preserving quick, efficient cycling. Our stocks and buffer tube kits all come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Check them out here and if you have any questions, please reach out to our customer service team at 239-848-6757.