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Buffer Tubes

 The buffer tube contained in the stock of your rifle is perhaps the most overlooked, underappreciated component of the platform. It is an innocuous metal tube that connects to the rifle’s lower receiver, containing the buffer weights and buffer spring, and to which the rifle’s stock and brace are then attached. But a buffer tube does not simply function as an anchor point for your rifle’s stock. The tube, which contains the buffer spring and weights, helps to absorb the recoil from the bolt carrier group and aids in resetting the BCG; helping it return forward and engaging it so that the rifle is once more locked and ready to fire. 

While the gas system and BCG get the lion’s share of the credit for cycling time, lubrication, and efficiency, the buffer weights and spring absorb most of the felt recoil and facilitate cycling. Simply changing your tube, weights, and spring with a buffer tube and kit can have a significant positive impact on your shooting experience. Many rifles ship from the factory in a slightly “over-gassed” state, which means that they siphon off more gas than necessary to ensure consistent cycling. While this does help safeguard consistency, it increases felt recoil. 

A new buffer tube kit with heavier weights can significantly cut back on felt recoil without the need to mount a muzzle brake or adjust the gas system, while still securing fast, efficient cycling. Check out our collection of buffer tube kits and components below, and if you have any questions about how to make adjustments to your rifle to improve handling, balance, cycling time or efficiency, or even felt recoil, feel free to reach out to us at 239-848-6757.