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Pistol Braces

A pistol brace typically consists of a metal fin (sometimes skeletonized to lighten its overall weight) and straps that help secure and stabilize a pistol when a shooter is firing one-handed. They are also known as pistol stabilizing braces or stabilizer braces.

They are used with handguns and are intended to be fired with one hand instead of two. Originally, the ATF approved braces because they helped support smaller-framed individuals, wounded veterans, and others with disabilities fire handguns that are not intended to be fired from the shoulder. The inability to use two hands can make firing a handgun difficult - but a pistol brace kit can help encourage confidence and develop proficiency when firing with one hand.

Can a Pistol Brace Improve Your Experience at the Range?
Some stabilizing braces serve as a replacement for a firearm’s buttstock, instead attaching to a platform’s buffer tube (such as a pistol buffer tube in the case of an AR-15 pistol). This can offer the same benefits as other braces that are designed to be used with pistols.

● Braces mitigate recoil, making it easier to fire a weapon with one hand.
● Braces help the shooter control muzzle jump, keeping the sights training on target and improving accuracy.
● Braces can help develop confidence and proficiency with certain weapons platforms, that would be difficult to achieve otherwise.
● Some pistol braces come with M-LOK slot attachments, making them expandable with shooting accessories.
● Some braces can be equipped with a sling for greater ergonomics, comfort, and platform retention.