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Rails & Handguards

The near-universal Picatinny rail, named after the Picatinny Arsenal in New Jersey where development began in 1992, is a highly useful, widely practical mounting system. It is seen as a standard in the industry, and many handguards, quad rails, and even rail adapters feature segments of Picatinny rail. 

However, despite the fact that they are effective at accepting so many different types of firearms accessories and are remarkably flexible, the standard MIL-STD-1913-Rail is not without its shortcomings. It is heavy, does not accept some accessories, and can be uncomfortable to grip, especially if the naked handguard is used as a forend. There are rail covers for that - but these are only helpful up to a point. 

Considering replacing your hand guard? Go with a newer M-Lok Rail System, available here in a wide range of lengths and colors We offer free float handguards as well. 

Compared to Picatinny rail systems, M-Lok (an abbreviation of Modular Lock) Rail Systems: 

-       Are lighter than Pic rail systems, helping to prevent weight from accumulating far forward on the rifle.
-       Are less abrasive than Pic rail systems, and easier on bare hands, clothing, and gun cases.
-       Are suitable with polymer firearms accessories and other non-metal shooting attachments.
-       Allow accessories to be mounted without needing to access the back of the rail.
-       Are compatible with accessories that can be mounted in a variety of attitudes, including backwards and forwards. This makes attaching accessories, including sling mounts, bipods and optics, much easier. 

-       Allow for very precise adjustments to be made along the length of the mounting surface of their M-Lok slots, for optimal handling, ergonomics, eye relief, or otherwise. 

-       And some M-Lok accessories even feature recoil-mitigating lugs or attachment systems that can withstand heavy recoil, mitigating stress on your firearms accessories and preventing them from shifting. 

Here for something other than an M-Lok handguard? We offer a wide range of pistol rail systems and accessories in this collection as well, in addition to M-Lok systems. Check them out and call us at 239-848-6757.