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6 Cool Tactical Accessories You Didn’t Even Know You Needed

6 Cool Tactical Accessories You Didn’t Even Know You Needed

Posted by MCS GEAR UP on Apr 4th 2022

Preparedness is not about being ready some of the time, or when it’s convenient for you. Truthfully, it is the express opposite of that. It’s about being ready when the chips are down, and when it’s inconvenient for you.

It’s not worth much if you’re only ready some of the time. Redundant measures of preparation that help reduce antifragility are where we get phrases like “two is one and one is none,” and they espouse a philosophy that is ever-ready to meet the odds head-on.

Many tactical accessories are so designed to help the people that carry them be as fully prepared as possible for the worst odds. These are some of the top tactical accessories you can use to fill your bug-out bag in order to be more prepared - even if you didn’t know about them yet.

1.A muzzle brake/A muzzle device with a glass breaker
Rather than sticking this one in a pack, mount it right to your sporting rifle. Not only will a muzzle brake help significantly cut back on reduced recoil, but it will also help keep muzzle jump to a minimum as well.

That can help you keep your sight trained on target and enable quicker follow-up shots and more rapid, more accurate shot strings.

Some muzzle brakes also incorporate glass breakers, which can be used to eliminate any interposing vitreous boundaries - that is, to break windows and doors. Don’t use the butt of your rifle or try to “elbow” through glass when you can use a tool that’s designed for the purpose that will be much safer to use.

2.A tactical pen
A tactical pen has a million and one uses that you might not have thought of. First off, though, let’s get the obvious one out of the way - you can write with it.

You should always carry a small notepad with you, as well as something you can write with, pen or otherwise. If it’s worth remembering, it’s worth writing down. You can’t use an idea if you don’t even remember what it is.

That said, technical pens often incorporate driver bits, flashlights, glass breakers, and more into their design. Some of them are even made from lightweight aluminum or durable tungsten-steel alloys and are likened to the style of kubotans - making them just as useful for self-defense as they are for writing down ideas.

3.A pair of gloves with adequate knuckle and palm protection
There are so many good reasons to own and keep a pair of quality gloves handy that it’s almost impossible to succinctly describe them all.

Gloves can improve your grip when it’s cold and wet, or when you’re fatigued. They protect your hands from the elements, from corrosive agents and chemicals, and of course, from physical abrasion.

That’s why a good pair of gloves with adequate knuckle and palm protection is so important. These will better protect the prominence of your hands (your knuckles) as well as your palms, which take a lot of wear and abuse, from damage, keeping you more comfortable and more confident.

4.A light for EDC
A little flashlight is one of the most important items in your EDC toolkit and if you don’t have one you should pick one up immediately. If your preparedness measures involve a PDW, ideally, you should get one that can be mounted to your rifle or pistol.

                                             tactical accessories

Otherwise, get two - because, obviously, refer to the maxim above.

The number of times you’ll reach for a flashlight will astound you. Need to look under the hood, at night? Check inside a dark drawer or box? Look under the couch?

What happens when the lights go out? Nothing, if you had a flashlight in your back pocket.

In addition to lights that can be mounted to rifles and pistols, some can also be converted into headlights via hat clips, and some even have magnetic bases, which makes it much easier to use them over workbenches or engine bays - just something to think about.

5.Rail adapters
Some rifles and pistols just don’t come with adequate rail space. Fortunately, in many instances, you can simply use a rail adapter to clear up that problem and expand the amount of room on the weapon.

Other platforms make it a little bit more difficult. Take, for example, most Glock pistols and classic 1911 designs. These pistols have little in the way of mounting points to expand the platform.

However, we sell kits for both Glocks and 1911 pistols that enable you to adapt the platform to afford some extra rail space. Neither of the two above models requires any permanent modifications to the weapons and they can be installed in a matter of minutes.

                        tactical accessories

Then, adding attachments like lights or lasers will be much easier, without the need to take the gun to a gunsmith for any serious alterations.

6.A multi-tool
A multi-tool, like an everyday carry knife, is an indispensable tool. It’s also important to note that many multi-tools (if not most) contain a blade or several blades.

This does not make them replacements for a quality knife. You should absolutely carry a knife as part of your EDC lineup - nothing can replace that, and it seems so obvious to us that we didn’t even feel the need to include “a knife” as an entry in a lineup. That should be a prerequisite for EDC and preparedness, as far as we care.

But you should carry a quality multi-tool in addition to a knife because multi-tools offer so much expanded functionality. Many include wire strippers and cutters, pliers, saws, files, driver bits and so much more.

Just like a light or a knife, you’ll be surprised how often you reach for a multi-tool if you start carrying one.

We Carry AR-15 Upgrades, Too
In addition to our wide selection of tactical gear and accessories for LEOs, public safety officials, and conscientious citizens, we carry a large assortment of AR-15 upgrades, too.

Even though they’re not quite tactical accessories, our buffer tube kits, charging handles, collapsible stocks, and other AR-15 parts and upgrades can take your factory rifle and give it a custom feel - tailoring the experience to your needs.

If you have any questions about the tactical accessories mentioned here, please get in touch wit our customer service at 239-848-6757.