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​A Basic Understanding about the V2 AR Shock Absorbers

​A Basic Understanding about the V2 AR Shock Absorbers

Posted by MCS GEAR UP on Oct 26th 2021

Automatic weapons are classified according to their operating conditions as gas-driven, pushed back, and blowback. These are the three principles that enable the energy of weapons to feed, chamber, cock, and fire shots in different ways.

An explosion caused by a shotgun fires gas into the air pressure, forcing the cycle out of the barrel at high speed. However, the explosion, which drives the bullet forward, also returns to the bolt group. Great power is generated on the mounting of weapons after being shot due to the recoiling push. When a weapon is found in a turret equipped with this technology, the vibration and shock levels may interfere with the operation of these devices. To be able to prevent incompatibility with technological devices, a shock absorber is used.

shock absorber kit

What does a Shock Absorber Kit do?

A shosorbck aber can be used on the butt of a gunstock, such as a gun, which takes a lot of retrieval power or recoil force through foam construction designed to have in its base multiple air chambers, which are usually positioned between the butt part of the stock of the gun and the your shoulder. As the base of the foam presses, the air in the majority of the air holding chambers (compressed areas) delay and limit movement after the transfer of stock power on the your shoulder.

Vent pipe holes in the base allow air trapped in these chambers to be removed, but at a delayed and controlled level without metal. Therefore, the reversal is stopped slightly as the increase in air pressure in the air holding chambers decreases and eventually corresponds to the rate at which air is pumped out of the fence through air vents.

Similarly, the Defender V2 AR Shock Absorbing Stock Kit works extraordinarily when it comes to its functions and assists in reducing the recoil impact for a convenient experience.

●This shock absorber kit further comes equipped with a movable check rest and non-slip rubber buttpad, adding to a more comfortable positioning, especially when you have a downrange sighting.

●The XTS 104 Shock Absorbing Stock is a definite upgrade for any AR, making it highly competitive and best for use.

The remarkable Defender V2 AR Shock Absorber comes with various impressive and vital features like a Mil spec buffer tube, Castle nut & endplate, and a 3 oz buffer & spring with a Defender V2 shock-absorbing buttstock.

shock absorber for V2 AR

Why do we use a shock absorber kit with weapons and other equipment?

The V2 AR shock absorbers have several advantages that must be considered for effective utilization. A few of them are:

1. Longer Machine Life:

Shock absorbers are effective and useful for significantly reducing the level of shock and vibration in various firearms. This reduces equipment damage, downtime, and storage expenses.

2. High Operating Speed:

Equipment that uses shock absorbers becomes more efficient in terms of high operating speed, because of the shock control or better effectiveness of moving objects.

3. Improved production quality:

Adverse movement effects such as noise, vibrations, and harmful impacts, are measured or eliminated to improve productivity. Tolerance and balance are also easy to maintain.

4. Operation of safer machines:

Shock detectors protect equipment and supplies by providing reduction in unpredictability and offering more control. Shocks can also be built/fitted in a customized way to meet the safety standards.

5. Competitive advantage:

The machines and equipment have a longer life, lower maintenance, and safer operation.

So, these are some of the advantages of using the V2 AR Shock Absorbers. We specialize in weapons and shock absorbers at MCS Gear Up. Our store has all of the weapon parts you’ll require. If you want to build a weapon with a shock-absorber fitted-in, we can also assist you. Keep in touch with us for the foremost recent information.