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An Expert Guide to AR-Lower Parts

Jul 20th 2020

The lower section of AR can be called as the rifle’s commanding centre. It basically consists of three systems of parts that work together for storing and feeding ammunition; reducing and controlling recoil; cycle the bolt carrier group; and finally, operating the safety, trigger, hammer, and disconnector for semiautomatic fire. 

To name those three systems are
Stripped lower receiver
Lower Parts – Kits and Trigger
Buffer Assembly

Let’s take a closer look at some of the lower parts kit. This includes primarily the fire control group and is responsible to perform the most important functions of the AR-15. It releases the hammer, striking the firing pine. Further, it disconnects the hammer, allowing the trigger to reset. The shooter is allowed to select safe or fire and it's responsible for catching and releasing the magazine and bolt. 

AR-15 Carbine Length Buffer Spring - Steel
The buffer retainer rests at the rear of the lower receiver, inside the buffer tube housing and threads. The sole job here is to prevent the recoil spring and buffer from decompressing and to let it fly out of the tube every time the receivers are separated. The carbine buffer springs are made of quality metal and available in different weight options.

Castle Lock Nut
The buffer assembly has a castle nut for tightening the tube to the lower receiver. Quality castle lock nuts have Precised machined surfaces and non-sharp edges to ensure proper threading. 

Trigger Guard
The trigger is that button which releases the hammer when cocked, allowing it to fly up and strike the firing pin and ignites round in the firing chamber. The trigger comprises the trigger spring the top-rear shelf for the disconnector spring and the sear. One such trigger part is AR-15 Aluminum Extended Trigger Guard Assembly that has a new reversible design for easy trigger access when the shooter is wearing gloves or simply needs extra space. It is quite easy to install with 3 included screws and Allen wrench.

Takedowns and Pivot Pins
The pivot and takedown pins are required in AR's upper and lower receiver assemblies secured to each other. Both these pins are permanently installed at the front and rear of the lower receiver, trapped in place by spring-loaded detents. Pulling on a takedown pin on the rear end allows one to access the fire control group and also help in troubleshooting. On the other hand, pulling the front pivot pin allows for the complete separation of the upper and lower receivers.

Swivel Socket Mount
Another important component of AR is the Sling-End Plate Quick-Detach Swivel Socket Mount that helps in staking. 

Silent Buffer Assembly Spring
This lower AR part is a drop-in recoil system designed to help the AR-15 platform function more smoothly and quieter. The carefully balanced, the all-in-one system has easy installation and quickly reduces friction and vibration. Not just that it comes with much smoother harmonics than traditional buffer systems.

That is not just it. There are several other AR lower parts that include Sling-End Plate Quick-Detach Swivel Socket Mount, 45/90 Safety Selector, Bolt Catch Assembly Kit with Plunger, Spring & Roll Pin, etc. Explore more at – Your one-stop online destination for Tactical Gear, Optics and Firearm Accessories all available at affordable prices.