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AR-10 vs. AR-15- What’s Your Ultimate Shooting Option?

Feb 8th 2021

Wondering how are AR-10 and AR-15 different? AR-10 came first in the 1950's and the AR-15 came later, which is a modified version of it. While both are modern sporting rifles, you should know a little more about them to decide which best fits your needs as a shooter.

AR-15 is advisable for use for starters and was designed to be a lighter version of the heavier AR-10 which can carry more rounds. In AR-15, the follow-up shots are quick and accurate as it packs less of a punch in terms of recoil. Besides, there is a significant difference in the caliber, the AR-15 has smaller components which is why the rifle is lighter. An AR-10 weighs between 7 to 9.5 lbs while the AR-15 can weigh 5.5 to 8.5 lbs. Because of different calibers, many of their parts aren’t interchangeable while some parts are.

Why Choose an AR-10?
If you are looking for a firearm for long-distance shooting, AR-10 is your go-to choice. With heavier ammunition and a flatter trajectory, the AR-10 has a longer effective range. It has a long-range capability that makes it the favorite of many law enforcement snipers.

There is a possibility that it may push its heavier projectile a bit slower than the AR-15. Therefore, if you are looking for rifles for hunting, especially while stretching shots across fresh-cut bean fields or open prairie, AR-10 is the best option.

Why Choose an AR-15?
The AR-15 is more popular and opted for than the AR-10, in the USA and even worldwide. This is because it is inexpensive and quite easy to shoot. The AR-15 can be used to shoot effectively between 300 and 500. Designed with a lighter weight and less recoil, the AR-15 is less awkward, especially in close quarters. What’s more? It offers faster, more accurate follow-up shots. When you pair AR-15 with the larger 30-round magazine capacity, it allows you to put lead downrange much faster and more effectively than the AR-10. This single factor becomes an important determinant for choosing the AR-15 in various fields like in the military, law enforcement, and home defense applications.

In a nutshell, if you are a big game hunter or engage in extreme long-range shooting, the AR-10 should be your ultimate pick. On the other hand, AR-15 is easier to shoot, cheaper to feed, and more than adequate at ranges less than 500 yards. Be it AR-10 or AR-15, you can customize both and make a perfect rifle that suits your needs and personality. Visit for getting your hands on AR-10 and AR-15 parts and hardware, at the most affordable online prices. Explore more on MCS Gearup – the ultimate source for Rifle Stocks, Butt Stock kits, and Buffer parts all backed with our 100% satisfaction guarantee.