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AR-15 Parts You Need to Build or Modify Your Rifle – The ULTIMATE Guide

Posted by MCS Gearup on Jan 2nd 2020

AR-15 is one of the top quality semi-automatic rifles when it comes to listing the highly efficient weapons. Every equipment needs to be updated with time and when we talk about the weapons then it comes at the top priority. A non-upgraded rifle can cost a life, so it is necessary to keep the rifle updated. You should keep changing all the custom AR-15 parts including butt stock, carbine, triggers and gas blocks with time. As these parts work for a particular period of time, they may create unwanted risky situations at any time. Modifying AR-15 can turn the weapon into a deadly killing machine. Choosing the high-quality, efficient parts for your AR-15 is not an easy task hence we are listing some parts for upgrading or modifying the rifle. 

The trigger is the key driver of any rifle that initiates the firing process in any weapon. May rifle come with the index finger actuation design while others consist of thumb actuation design. AR-15 usually consists of a trigger that is initialized by the index finger. There are majorly three working stages of any trigger: the first one is ‘take-up’, it is defined as the movement of the trigger before the sear moves. The second stage includes the time when it moves the sear to the point of release and the third stage is known as the movement of the trigger after firing.
It is recommended to upgrade the trigger with time. The triggers that have fewer pounds of pressure are easier to squeeze. You can buy the efficient and long-lasting trigger parts from MCS Gearup.

Buffer Tubes
AR-15 buffer tube is a metal protrusion that comes out of the rifle. It mainly serves two purposes: first, it includes the mechanism of recoil buffer and second, it is the attachment point for the rifle buttstock. Buffers and buffer springs house inside the buffer tubes and they collectively are important parts for proper cyclic action of the rifle. When this buffer tube loses its life, the complete rifle becomes less efficient and can get stuck. High-quality buffer tubes can be bought from the MCR Gearup website.

Flash Hider
Flash hider that is also known as the flash suppressor is a vital device in a rifle that is attached to the muzzle. An efficient flash hider reduces the visible signature when a shot is fired; it cools and disperses the gases that come out of the muzzle. The second function of the flash suppressor saves the shooter from being blinded from the gas or muzzle flash coming out of short carbine rifles.

To buy efficient and durable rifle equipment, you may have to roam from one place from another but what can be better when you can buy those parts online. From the MCS Gearup website, you buy a whole range of Ar-15 parts and accessories online including buttstock, flash hiders, buffer tubes, buffer springs and more.