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Best Micro Conversion Kit Accessories by Application

Best Micro Conversion Kit Accessories by Application

Posted by MCS GEAR UP on Nov 16th 2023

You know what’s great about CAA Micro Conversion Kits?

The fact that they can improve handling of a variety of handgun platforms and increase accuracy at extended ranges, even beyond 100 yards, all while requiring no modifications to the gun?

Well, yes, but they’re also extremely expandable, and there are a lot of Micro Conversion Kit accessories that are specifically designed and made for them.

These are some of the best.

Best for Reloaders: MCK Brass Catcher

Are you a reloader? Then it’s in your best interest to keep your brass off of the ground.

These MCK brass catcher accessories are made with quality materials and are easy to mount right over the ejection port on your MCK.

Simply attach it and you’re good to go, and your brass will stay cleaner, streamlining reloading.

They’re also pretty useful for those who shoot at ranges that require brass catchers, too.

Best for High-Volume Shooters: MCK Mag Extension

Do you pay for range time? Then every moment you spend loading magazines is wasted money.

Shoot more, reload less with these MCK mag extensions that are compatible with select Glock mags. They are easy to install, and can add 3 rounds to a G23 mag, 4 rounds to G22 and G19 mags, and 5 rounds to G17 mags.

They’ll pay for themselves after a few trips to the range.

Best for Long-Distance Shooters: Tactical Bipod Foregrip

Maybe there aren’t a lot of people out there who do long-distance shooting with an MCK. After all, these handgun cartridges aren’t well suited for 100+ yard performance.

But it’s still fun to shoot steel targets and hear them sing. If you do that with an MCK, a great Micro Conversion Kit accessory for you is the Tactical Bipod Foregrip, which has a tilt function, and, as the name suggests, doubles as a grip, too.

Best for Those That Run Red Dots: Backup Sights

                                               Backup Sights

If you mount a red dot sight on your MCK, there is always a chance that the batteries will die when you need them.

Installing flip-up backup sights is a great hedge against this. Realistically, you’ll never use them, but it’s better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it. Plus, two is one and one is none.

Best for Defensive Applications: Integral Front Flashlight

If you keep your MCK for defensive applications, specifically for home defense, then an integral front flashlight is a great Micro Conversion Kit accessory.

These high-efficiency front flashlights, specifically designed for MCK platforms, throw as much as 500 lumens - perfect in the dark, especially in close quarters.

Remember, what you can’t see can kill you. Be better prepared with one of these for anything that goes bump in the night.

Best Overall (but Most Boring): MCK Thumb Rests

We can’t say much about these Micro Conversion Kit accessories. These MCK thumb rests are boring, but at least they are really cheap and they vastly improve the handling, ergonomics, and performance of an MCK.

Best for Gadget Lovers: MCK Torch

                                      Backup Sights

There might not be many practical applications for these MCK torch attachments, but they are definitely some of the coolest in our entire collection. They produce an adjustable flame out to 7+”, which is pretty impressive, too.

They’re also surprisingly affordable. At less than $70, they’re not too out of league with the other Micro Conversion Kit accessories on this list.

You know what, scratch that bit about them not being practical. If you have one of these, you won’t ever need to remember a lighter!

Best for Traveling: MCK Multi-Gun Violin Case

Discretion is the better part of valor, you know. These MCK Multi-Gun Violin Cases are weather-tight and made with a tough, no-rip, polyester felt interior, and a hard, 7mm hardshell EVA exterior.

There’s plenty of room in them for all your MCK essentials and they will fit Gen 1, 2, and 3 MCKs along with charging handles, magazines, sights, trigger guards, flashlights, lasers, glass breakers, bipods, and other Micro Conversion Kit Accessories.

Plus, they will disguise them all, keeping you safe.

Best for Reflexive Shooters: MCK Laser 

An integral front red laser for an MCK is another great accessory, one that can free you from the need to line up sights, enabling faster, more accurate reflexive shots.

These lasers are also a backup; if your batteries die on your red dot and you have a laser tacked on the front, you’re hedged against that risk.

Want to Explore More Micro Conversion Kit Accessories?

While these are some of the best Micro Conversion Kit accessories on our website, we sell plenty more where they came from, including but not limited to red dot sights, glass breakers, charging handles, barrel extensions, and much more.

Check out our collection of MCK accessories and see what catches your eye. Expanding and customizing are two of the most rewarding aspects of owning these platforms.