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Breathe a New Life into your AR Pistols with Pistol Braces

Aug 14th 2020

People who know their firearms, know what pistol braces are capable of doing. A pistol brace not only ensures the comfort of the user while taking a shot but also helps in balancing and aiming in a better way. If you are looking for the best and most innovatively designed firearms and accessories, then MCS is there to offer you a range that you can happily choose from, and the same goes for pistol braces. 

The pistol braces are approved by ATF and certified to be best in terms of quality and craftsmanship. The design of these pistol braces is done innovatively to make it snag-free and prevent any possible tangles with gear. This is a very important element to ensure the safety of the person who is holding the gun. 

Pistol braces offered by MCS are of different kinds. From simple breach blade to the one made with anodized aluminum, these braces offer greater stability, accuracy, and control when firing. It proves to be very efficient during long-range shooting and also because it ensures the quickness while maintaining the accuracy.

To ensure quickness and flow of the shooter, pistol braces are made to be easy to install and uninstall. The skeletonized brace is constructed with super lightweight aluminum, which makes it amazingly lightweight and more comfortable to maneuver for the shooter. The skeletonized brace comes in two pieces, brace, and fin. This makes it easier to install it and take it out when required. Pistol braces offered by MCS fit AR-15 pistols that come with a buffer tube diameter of up to 1.25”.

These pistol braces have changed the AR pistol market ever since these came out. Originally it started as an accessory to be used by disabled veterans to help them shoot, but later it went on to become a whole new product that uplifted the market of AR pistols by making it more interesting and fun for shooting enthusiasts.

When first introduced, pistol braces had to face some legal problems with ATF. The first problem was that it makes an AR pistol look like an SBR and PDW. After this concern, ATF posted a letter saying that as long as the product is kept in its original design, it makes no difference in the classification of the pistol. After this, the concern came to the point when it was being discussed whether shouldering a pistol installed with a pistol brace is allowed or not. In reply to this, ATF said that it is okay as long as it is not done continuously. Although this reply sounded vague and not so clear to some, it was accepted. This controversy finally came to an end when ATF posted a letter that said that pistol braces are okay and perfectly legal as long as there is no vertical foregrip added to it. A vertical foregrip takes it out of the pistol category and that’s why it was out of the question to be used.

Pistol braces provided by MCS Gearup come in different color options and designs to choose from. These options make this product more interesting and allow the shooter a comfort of flexibility while choosing different braces for different pistols. If you are a gun enthusiast who believes in taking things a step further for the adventure and fun of it, then pistol braces are for you.