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Comparing Sig Sauer and Glock – Which is Better?

Feb 25th 2021

Today a wide range of options are available in pistols but if you are looking for compact options, Glock, especially Glock 19 and Sig Sauer are the go-to options. Both of these are incredibly similar and fill the same niche ideal for shooting or self-defense. Now, are you wondering which is better and suits your need? Take a look to know more.

1. Aesthetics
Sig is a well-refined machine, all steel with wood, plastic, or rubber grips. This luxurious-looking weapon has all smooth and perfect lines. On the other hand, Glocks have a Spartan design, with a frame that is meant only for function. Clearly, Sig wins in the looks criteria.

2. Ergonomics
When you hold both, the very first evident difference is in their weight. When it comes to being lightweight and easy to carry Glock is the ultimate winner because of its polymer frame construction. Sig’s all-metal helps in better coil reduction. Since Sig is all metal, the grip is comparatively harder and strong, while Glock’s grip is very plain and comfortable.

Overall, the Glock’s lighter weight helps in easier-to-conceal, carry this firearm, and also has a slight magazine release.

3. Trigger
Both have very distinct triggers. The Sig has a better trigger, smooth long double action, and single action is incredibly light and can be fired really fast. Coming to the Glock, it provides a consistent pull every time, with every trigger pull but its trigger is somewhat spongy, making it look of plastic or rubber.

4. Accuracy
There is a very subjective take on accuracy. It all depends on how well you can shoot with either, and your comfort level with each.

5. Sights
For any weapon, sights are incredibly important, especially when they are to be used for self-defense scenarios. On comparing Sig and Glock, Sig takes a huge lead because with it you get night sights, big, bright, beautiful night sights. All these sights are also solid and tough. What’s more? They are also easy to get on target. Talking about Glocks, its standard U-target sight does the job well enough.

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