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Customizing Firearms with AR-15 Upper

Jan 20th 2021

Any gun enthusiast is sure to love the time invested in customizing the firearm of any type they can enjoy. But building your own AR15 requires the understanding of each part and hardware accessory involved in the gun's customization. Considering this, let's know a bit more about AR15 Upper, the gun parts that can help you decide your build and your choices in purchases.

What is AR15 Upper?
Talking about the AR15 rifle's upper, it is the upper receiver or the gun's upper portion that does not incorporate what is legally deemed as the “functional” firearm's part.
The AR15 upper receiver includes all replacement parts that you can purchase online easily. AR15 Uppers are the first preferences to be purchased during firearm customization.

AR15 Upper Parts include:

  • Barrel
  • Gas tube
  • Gas block
  • Handguard
  • Charging handle
  • Bolt carrier group
  • Stripped upper receiver

Assembled and Striped AR15 Upper
While selecting AR15 upper, there are two major categorizations that gun enthusiasts can opt for to create a unique firearm. First is the assembled upper that is actually a rifle's upper assembled by a trusted brand that is actually a complete gun, excluding the lower receiver. The other one is the stripped upper, which is perfect for those looking to build a completely customized firearm. When purchasing stripped upper components, you can actually purchase completely new or interchange old individual parts. This way you can customize your rifle to fit your body and your personal style completely, maximize accuracy and ergonomics simultaneously.

Where to Buy Perfect AR15 Upper?
Going custom is indeed the best way to top-notch your performance and take it to an entirely next level. This is suitable for a firearm for sport shooting and even hunting. With a customized build, you'll become familiar with the in and out of your custom gun, and further enhance your experience shooting as well.

AR15 uppers and lowers are not available online everywhere that too at the best affordable prices. Thankfully, you can purchase uppers online with ease at MCS Gearup. Since they all are individual parts, ordering them from the various options is quick and simple. Visit to research what manufacturers are providing. You can get a quick view of all the products, detailed information about each separate upper part, and choose accordingly that can help you find and get the upper receiver that is perfect for your custom rifle.

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