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Enhance Shooting Performance – Upgrades For Your Deadly Weapon

Jul 2nd 2020

For any emergency, your ammunition must be well maintained and updated. Either it is a situation of war or self-defence, you need an upgraded weapon. Every weapon must be upgraded at regular intervals for efficient performance throughout its life. Cleaning the rifles or shotgun is the most basic thing that must not be undermined. While cleaning pistols ensures smooth operation of the gun, upgrading the pistol makes your weapon to tackle advanced counter attacks. You will find many upgrades for your Glock including barrel, trigger, night sight, thumb support and many more but purchasing these upgrades is not an easy task.

To get these crucial parts for your Glock, you need a trustworthy and highly-experienced dealer who can provide you with the best in the market. MCS Gearup provides the latest and advanced upgrades for your Glocks and rifles. We will look at some of the upgrades for rifle and pistols.

Buffer Tube Kit
One of the most important parts that initiate the mechanism of a pistol, Buffer tube kit includes a buffer spring, carbine buffer, castle nut and lower receiver end plate. A buffer tube for different pistols like AR-15 must be bought after some research. Depending on the buffer length, type and the buffer weight, you must decide which buffer tube kit is good to be mounted on your rifle. The buffer tubes serve as housing for recoil buffer, absorb coil and serve as a connection point for buttstock. If you are not much aware of the pistol upgrades then it is ideal to buy same weight buffers.

One Point Sling
To provide maximum stability while operating the gun, one point sling plays an important role. While moving through the uneven path along with the rifle, this one point sling keeps the weapon stable and does not hinder in your movement. While buying the sling for your rifle, you must check the elasticity of the sling, weight and the length. Lightweight slings help you to move easily. The strap of the sling can be adjusted according to the requirement of a person to keep the gun intact with the body while moving. 

Micro Conversion Kit
Not every person feels comfortable in handling the pistols. Some people find rifles more stable than Glock because of the wide buttstock and long barrel. To overcome this problem, either you can purchase a rifle which is not an easy task or you can upgrade the Glock and convert it into a rifle. Upgrading the Glock using conversion kit is much easier than buying a rifle because of less cost and easy conversion. You will find many micro conversion kits in the market that will increase stability and accuracy. Before buying these Glock conversion kits, it is recommended to check for the compatibility with your pistol.

Sights For Pistols
Regular practice brings stability and accuracy but many times, shooting a long-range target is not easy without sights. There are multiple types of sights available including optical sights and flip-up rear sight. While optical sights offer illumination of different colours and a target sign in the sight lens, flip-up sights are mechanical sights that are usually fitted on the rear or front end of the rifle or pistol. For long-range shooting, it is ideal to buy optical sight.

MCS Gearup deals in all types of upgrades required for your weapon. Ensuring professional quality and high-end performance, all the parts offered by MCS Gearup are available on its online portal. You can buy many upgrades including a front flashlight, pistol brace stabilizer, trigger, magazine, tactical grips and many more.