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Everything You Need to Know About Muzzle Brakes

Everything You Need to Know About Muzzle Brakes

Apr 22nd 2021

muzzle brake is a popular firearm accessory that threads onto the muzzle end of your firearm to help reduce the backward moment of the gun when it is fired, the recoil. It redirects propellant gases to help mitigate the rising of the barrel during firing as well as the backward momentum. Reducing recoil has several benefits including excellent comfort and superior accuracy while shooting. This also helps to increase your confidence with a firearm, which leads to exceptional performance.

Advantages of Using a Muzzle Brake
There are several benefits of using muzzle brakes. One major advantage is a reduction in muzzle rise, which is connected to recoil. When you fire a gun, there is backward pressure. This pressure not only pushes the gun back, but there is an upward pressure also because the barrel is above the gun’s center of mass.

Muzzle brakes help to reduce the amount that a gun will rise when fired by reducing the pressure which goes back into the rifle. This helps to enhance the visibility after shots and allows for better follow-up shots.

Moreover, there is excellent comfort if you use muzzle brakes. If your gun is hurting your shoulder, is hard on your hands, or is difficult to handle, then you should definitely think about adding a muzzle brake to the firearm. This will enhance your overall shooting experience, especially if you already have a firearm but do not enjoy using it because of recoil.

Who Should Use a Muzzle Brake?
Muzzle brakes are especially useful to people who cannot handle the power of their rifles. Using a muzzle brake, they can substantially reduce the amount of recoil and make it easier to shoot.

Competition shooters also use muzzle brakes on their guns, so that they can make their guns more manageable to shoot. Long-range shooters use muzzle brakes because they make it convenient for shooters to see through the scope and make quick and easy adjustments. Several competition shooters attach muzzle brakes to their AR-15s that make it seem like there is no recoil at all.

Hunters, who tend to find themselves in awkward and uncomfortable shooting positions, also use muzzle brakes on their high-recoil rifles. It helps them shoot successive rounds more rapidly and prevents dust and dirt from kicking up.

Military operators, defense contractors, and police officers, often use muzzle brakes and compensators.

The Downsides of Muzzle Brakes
One of the disadvantages of a muzzle brake is the noise. While muzzle brakes can significantly reduce the amount of recoil, they can also increase the noise of a gun.

This is why people are recommended to wear protective hearing when using a muzzle brake while shooting. Exposure to sounds that are greater than 140dB can lead to permanent hearing damage.

Some shooters even complain that their eyes hurt, their sinuses ache, or they have headaches after shooting with muzzle brake attachments.

Now that you know what the advantages and disadvantages of a muzzle brake are, you can decide for yourself. Visit and explore a wide range of muzzle brakes, that too, at the most reasonable prices.