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How Choosing the Right Rifle Stock Can Contribute to Your Shooting Performance

Sep 7th 2020

Selecting the right stock can be pretty tricky as there is a wide range available out there. The wrong rifle butt makes it difficult or impossible for you to operate the rifle. But the right one will be adding to the accuracy and comfort during tactical operations or any other activities. I will be listing a few varieties so you get an idea of what you can choose for your weapon.

Here are some things to consider in case you are thinking of upgrading your rifle:

Right or Left Handed
This is probably the most important thing you need to consider before even stepping into the store. If you are left-handed, you might have gotten used to things being designed for the wrong hand. Still, asking for the stock made for the left hand won’t cause any harm. You’ll be surprised to see there are many brands that offer customized rifle butts. Also, if you are buying a rifle stock as a gift, make sure you know whether the person is left- or right-handed.

Which Stock Would Go Along Best Your Gun
This might look like something that no one can miss. But trust me, a lot of folks blatantly buy stock butts and later-on struggle with their rifle. The idea is to not get carried away with lucrative upgrades. Choosing the correct stock for the right type of rifle is necessary for shooting accuracy and operational comfort. The wrong stock might get the job done but won’t let you explore the full potential of the weapon. Rifle’s long or short action length needs to be appropriate.

Choosing the Right Material
As stylish as it looks, the stock butt is way more important than it looks. Its material plays a great role in deciding the performance and comfort of a rifle. Both synthetic and wooden stocks will be a great choice. Selecting the wrong one might really mess up your performance. Soft material stocks induce too much movement which is not right for accurate shooting. Stocks that are stiff help keep the gun steady while firing and also absorb some of the recoils.

Much of the material choice comes down to personal preference as most of the materials are durable and work just fine in various weather conditions.

Choosing the Right Size
Even the most advanced rifle butt won’t work for you if you are not able to hold it properly with confidence. If you buy a stock that is too big for you, it will be much difficult to shoot the target with accuracy. If it is too heavy, you will have difficulty using the rifle for longer periods. The right size not only decides your comfort level but is crucial for body logistics, which greatly contributes to your shot.

Well, I could only think of these things to consider before buying a rifle stock. However, there is nothing more that you need to be worried about. You can visit to find a wide range of rifle stocks, butt stock kits, and buffer parts at the most reasonable prices.