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How to Upgrade Your Glock 19

How to Upgrade Your Glock 19

Aug 2nd 2021

Due to its simple design, reliable firing mechanism, and versatility Glock pistol soon become America’s favorite handgun. Designed by Austrian engineer Gaston Glock in 1981 for the Austrian army, the handgun soon became popular after 1986 in the United States. Glock is completely different from traditional revolvers in various design features that give it a competitive edge. It has 17 rounds in a magazine, trigger pull of 5.5 pounds, and is lightweight and comfortable to wear on your hip for long. It is more durable and functions effectively, even if users don’t clean it regularly.

Besides, what makes Glock stand out from others is its interchangeable parts that you can shuffle to fit into any gun, making it a versatile weapon. Regardless of your reasons for selecting a specific part for an upgrade, you can easily find several aftermarket products that would help you upgrade your Glock pistol or ArmaLite Ar-15 rifle as per your requirements.

Here is a checklist of crucial ways in which you can upgrade your Glock pistol:-

Glock 19 Slide Parts Kit for Slide Upgrades
Whether you desire to mount a red dot sight for hitting the targets with precision or you want to replace fitments and firing ports to improve speed and accuracy, you can easily find Glock 19 slide parts kit to fulfill your requirement. The slide parts kit includes firing pin, firing pin spring, firing pin spring cup, extractor, spacer sleeve, steel cover plate, guide rod, guide rod spring, extractor depressor plunger, and others.

Glock 19 Lower Parts Kit for Trigger Upgrades
Many enthusiasts prefer trigger upgrades to make their shooting experience more fun-filled or change the looks of their Glock 19 or 23 pistols. Whether you want heavier triggers for duty use or combat purposes or lighter triggers for competitions, you can check out Glock 19 Lower parts kit for the same. You can go for cleaning up the stock trigger pull with premium aftermarket triggers that will offer you a smooth trigger pull and resetting experience. The lower parts kit includes trigger housing with ejector, trigger spring, trigger pin, mag catch spring, mag release, slide lock, slide lock spring, 5lb connector, and trigger with trigger bar.

Upgrading Bolt Carrier Group
The Bolt Carrier group is an indispensable part of a semi-automatic pistol or rifle. It performs a series of functions as the trigger is pulled that helps in firing the bullet on the target. When shopping Bolt Carrier Group (BCG), you will find three kinds of steel used for fabricating carriers and bolts—Carpenter No-158 (C158), 8620 steel, and 9310 steel. These different kinds of steel differ in their tensile strength and yield strength. With a low tensile strength of 640 MPa and yield strength of 360 MPa, 8620 steel is used to manufacture bolts and not carriers. You can choose .223/5.56 Bolt Carrier Group Nickel Boron BCG-N that features nickel boron coating inside and out and machined from 8620 tool steel. It will prevent the malfunctioning of your rifle in the long run.

Likewise, if you want to change the look of your AR-15 pistol or Glock pistol or want to suppress your gun, you can choose your preferred aftermarket threaded barrel that suits your requirement.