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MCK Shooting Drills to Improve Confidence, Handling, and Accuracy

MCK Shooting Drills to Improve Confidence, Handling, and Accuracy

Posted by MCS GEAR UP on May 18th 2023

A CAA MCK, or Command Arms Accessories Micro Conversion Kit, is neither quite a handgun nor a long arm like a carbine.

Rather, it combines the advantages of both; the light, quick handling of a handgun and improved platform stability of a carbine.

This gives you the advantages of both platforms while freeing you from the cumbersome handling of a handgun and some of the weight and size of a shoulder-mounted platform.

Consequently, MCK platforms mitigate the effects of recoil and muzzle jump, improve confidence, handling, and accuracy (in some cases, beyond 100 yards) and expand the platform with attachment points.

Since it carries the advantages of both a handgun and a shoulder-mounted firearm, there are a wider range of drills you can practice with a micro conversion kit to improve your handling, proficiency, and accuracy.

These are some of the best of them.

Weapon Clearing Drills (A.K.A. Malfunction Drills)

Weapon-clearing drills, or malfunction-clearing drills, are essential with any autoloading platform, which includes both semi-automatic rifles and pistols.

Essentially, you don’t want to fumble with a gun when seconds or milliseconds count. Practicing malfunction clearing drills will make the motions to clear jams and reload the weapon second nature.

To execute this drill, you will need to simulate a malfunction, so load either a snap cap or empty brass casing into the action and close it.

This is best done with a partner who can call, whistle, or otherwise signal you. Get into the ready position and wait for the call.

On the call, eject the mag and cant the weapon so that the ejection port faces the ground. Rack the action several times to clear it (an MCK accessory like one of our extended charging handles can help with this).

Then, reload the MCK, fire a round on target, and you’ve completed the drill.

Now keep going. Your goal is to slim down your time as much as possible through this drill.

Failure to Stop Drill

The failure to stop drill, also known as the Mozambique drill, is designed to prepare you to fire three shots rapidly on target, two on center mass and one at the head of a hostile target.

This drill simulates a charging hostile target or a wild animal. The goal is to fire all three shots, on target, as quickly and accurately as possible.

This is also best practiced with a partner. Set up a silhouette target between 7 and 10 yards away, chamber a round, and start with the MCK in the low-ready position.

On the call, shoulder the weapon and fire two shots in the center of the target and the final, third shot at the top spot of the target.

Drill until all of your shots are on target and keep drilling; your goal here is to be as accurate and as quick as possible.

1-Reload-1 Drill

The 1-reload-1 drill is intended to increase your speed when it comes to reloading the weapon.

For this drill, load a mag with a single round but have a fully loaded mag in your vest on standby. Chamber a single round and start with the MCK in the low-ready position.

On the call, shoulder the MCK and fire the single shot at the target. Eject the spent mag, then load the next mag, chamber a round, and fire it at the target.

Repeat this drill to improve the speed of your reloads and shrink your groups. A best practice is to pick a single spot on the target and shoot both shots at that spot.

Drill until you can close the group of two as tightly as possible. If you can, make your goal to shoot a single ragged hole while keeping your reloads as quick as possible.


100-Point Drill

This drill is to improve your accuracy when firing at multiple targets at extended ranges, taking advantage of the MCK’s design as a shoulder-mounted platform.

Set up ten 10” targets, each at 50 yards. Some guides suggest you do this drill with 2” targets, but that’s more practical for those shooting rifle calibers over a magnified scope.

For your purposes with an MCK, 10” targets will work, especially if you are shooting over open iron sights.

Wait for the call, then fire one round at each target, as quickly as possible. When you can hit each target within one minute without any misses, move the targets out to 100 yards, and keep drilling.

This MCK drill will improve your speed of target acquisition, handling, and accuracy, and makes the most of all the best attributes of micro conversion kits.

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These four MCK drills are specifically designed to improve your speed with reloads, improve your confidence and handling, and boost your accuracy, especially when shooting under duress.

They are excellent drills to make you a more proficient shooter and take advantage of all the best features of micro conversion kits.

Before you hit the range to try these drills, make sure you check out our collection of MCK accessories. Many of them can also boost your handling, accuracy, and general enjoyment of range time.