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Micro Conversion Kit Accessories for Improved Stability and Precision

Feb 19th 2020

Glocks are precision pistols which offer accuracy, comfort and versatility. However, shooting with a pistol may be challenging for some especially in situations which require greater precision and stability. To solve these issues, Glocks can be transformed into a short barrel riffle using the Micro RONI Conversion Kit. It is the newest and an even more compact next generation Micro RONI conversion kit that helps you make your weapon into a more compact, combat ready and easy to use mini carbine within a matter of moments. This platform allows for multiple handgun uses and provides improved stability, aim, range and performance. The CAA micro conversion kit is made of polymer and aluminum body with a folding design for a sturdier feel. 

The next generation conversion kit also comes with a wide range of customizable accessories for improved effectiveness. Using these tools can enhance the performance of your weapon. Some of the options include one point swings and swivels, red dot sight assists and flashlights. Such upgrades are worthwhile only when high quality tools are used. Finding such high quality tools can be a tough job. MCS Gearup has a wide range of high quality and high performance tools for the best upgrade to your CAA micro conversion kit.  

The OPS One point sling ensures more mobility while operating in tight spaces. It gives the operator the freedom to influence movement for better stability during one-point activity. It also can act as a life saver for the operator in high intensity situations by keeping the weapon stable even if the operator injures their arm, shoulder or hand. 

The Micro Red Dot sight for your Micro RONI conversion kit features a long 1,000 hours of battery life and 11 distinct illumination options. Capable of extending range of night vision equipment, it is a great addition for medium and short range shots. The lenses for projection are fully multi-coated for reducing reflection. Turret caps help make it waterproof up to 6ft. These fog resistant red dots make your next generation Micro RONI kit more accurate.Another value addition to your weapon is a flashlight and thumb stop combo. Maximize your sight and better your grip for a superior shooting experience. With an integrated 500LM flashlight, use this tool for improved performance with you Micro RONI conversion kit.  

Glock pistols are extremely popular because of the modifications and upgrades available and the CAA micro conversion kit is a benchmark in that versatility. However, it is important to use best quality tools to not compromise on the effectiveness of your weapon. MCS Gearup has the best quality parts and accessories with a collection to fill all needs. Head out to their portal for a sale on CAA micro conversion kit to get the best value products.