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Pros and Cons of Building an AR-15 Rifle

Pros and Cons of Building an AR-15 Rifle

Aug 13th 2021

Developed in the late 1950s by ArmaLite for military purposes, the AR-15 rifle is a semi-automatic rifle that is a scaled version of the AR-10 rifle. The letters-AR stands for ArmaLite Rifle. However, the manufacturer got little success in its sales that led to selling the design to Colt. When the American Military chose Colt for manufacturing automatic rifles, Colt designed the first M16 that was a huge success. Colt soon came up with a semi-automatic version of M-16 that was sold as an AR-15 to law enforcement agencies and the public.

With nearly 8 million AR-15s and its variations in circulation as per an estimate by the National Rifle Association, many people say that AR should stand for America’s Rifle. Do you know you can customize an AR-15 rifle with parts that would suit your needs? Thanks to its modular nature and availability of various parts that will help you upgrade your rifle.

Installing custom AR parts can help you feel more comfortable, get a better pistol grip and upgrade trigger parts. If you have some experience and mechanical inclination, you can check out some leading supplier stores to get the desired AR parts and build your AR-15 that fulfills your requirements in the best way possible.

Check out the pros and cons of building an AR 15.

Whether you want to assemble one of the best quality rifles AR-15 after collecting all the parts or customize an AR-15, you can easily get all custom parts from a renowned supplier.


#1. Best Way to Build a High-Performance Rifle Suited To Your Needs
You will find a variety of AR-15s in the market, but none of them may fit you perfectly. Building your AR-15 is the best way to get the rifle that suits your requirements and provides you high-performance and comfort. Be it a quality gas system, suitable buttstock, power trigger springs, bolt carrier group, barrel or muzzle brakes, you can add the desired parts seamlessly.

#2. Know Your Rifle Well
Assembling an AR-15 rifle requires you to have sound knowledge of all the parts and their functionalities in the rifle. When you get this knowledge, it will save your time and money as you wouldn’t require visiting a gunsmith’s shop frequently for the repair or replacement of parts.

#3. You Can Grab Deals on Custom Parts to Save Money
Whether you are a firearm enthusiast, a home defender, or a sportsman, you can take time to build your rifle and grab deals on your desired parts from the manufacturer to save money.

#4. Enjoy Freedom and Flexibility to Choose Parts
Based on your requirements, you can choose to make the assembling task simple or complex that will make your shooting task easier and more comfortable.


Compatibility Issues
Not all parts of AR-15 are interchangeable. If your AR-15 contains some mil-spec parts (parts that meet the requirements of US Department of Defense for standardization), they may not go well with non-mil-spec causing compatibility issues. Besides, as all parts are interrelated in functionality, choosing some options might affect the others’ functionalities.

Lack of Knowledge
If you don’t have a forte in assembling an AR-15 with a lower receiver, you may find it quite difficult. Besides, lack of knowledge may let you make mistakes that would incur extra cost for repairing.

Hence, the best way might be to purchase a high-quality AR-15 rifle and customize it accordingly for a better experience.