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Some Important Must-Need AR-15 Lower Parts for Customization

Jan 29th 2021

If you wish to configure your AR-15, there are various ways of doing so. Every AR-15 build is going to vary, depending on the various parts you choose as per your preferences to make a rifle. Take a look at the guide to some important parts that will lead you in the right direction to customize one.

AR-15 Lower Parts
To assemble the AR-15 stripped lower, though you need many different parts - 31 to be precise, some of which include a trigger, pivot, bolt catch, springs and takedown down pins, selector switch, and hammer. Just like AR-15 upper parts, you also need AR-15 lower parts for desirable customization. Read below to know more about some AR-15 lower parts.

Pistol Grip
The pistol grip is located just behind the trigger guard. Also, just at the back of the rifle is the pistol grip. As the name says, this grip allows you to grasp the rifle with one just hand and aid in the shooting.

The main idea for which a buffer is used is to slow down the bolt on the AR-15. It further helps to absorb recoil and even reduces wear on the rifle. Buffers are available in two different sizes, either rifle or carbine. Moreover, the buffer also comes in four different weights including lightest, standard, and the heaviest.

Whatever type of stock you chose for your AR will indeed determine the size of the buffer that you should buy. For an A1/A2 fixed stock, you should buy a rifle buffer. For a collapsible or adjustable stock, it is advisable to get a carbine buffer. In case, you are customizing your AR in 9mm, you will need to buy a 9mm-specific buffer assembly.

Buffer Tube
The role of the buffer tube is to hold the buffer spring and buffer. Buffer tubes are available in three different sizes—rifle, MIL-SPEC carbine, and commercial carbine. You can choose the right size for your customized ARs’ stock.

Buffer Spring
Next comes the buffer spring. Buffer spring brings the bolt of the rifle forward, allowing the gun to fire follow-up shots. Rifle stocks, both A1 and A2, as well as carbine buffer springs, are different sizes.

At, you can get a quick view and detailed information about each separate AR-15 lower part, and choose accordingly that can help you find the parts that are perfect for your custom rifle.

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