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Tips for Gun Stock Replacement

Dec 18th 2019

Every equipment must be updated for efficient performance during its complete life. When it comes to the gun then this statement becomes most important. There are always some upgrades for the rifles and shotguns which provide excellent performance whenever needed. Choosing correct parts for a rifle is not a cake walk; it sometimes turns into the path of thrones because wrong parts fitted into the rifle can cost a lot. To shop rifle stocks products, you can surely find the task little bit difficult. As there are a lot of parts to upgrade in a shotgun, replacing the gun stock is a dicey task.

What is Gun Stock?
Before looking for the gun stock in the market, you must have knowledge about it. The gun stock manufacturing industry has seen a significant revolution in the past few decades. There are different types of gunstock present in the market; some are made of wood specifically walnut, which is a traditional way of manufacturing gunstock and you can also find gunstock made of other modern components. It is an important part of the gun which provides a firm grip and the support for firing. While one gunstock can give amazing comfort for handling the gun, other can be very tricky to handle; this all depends on the construction and the material of gun stock.

Rifle stock is mainly combined of two parts, rear or the handling portion is called butt and the front portion is fore-end. One piece and the two-piece stocks are two categories you will find in the market. One piece of gunstock comprises a single unit from the butt to the fore-end whereas two-piece rifle stock contains two distinct pieces for rifle butt and the fore-end. You can also buy butt stock kits available from the MCS Gearup.

Collapsible Rifle Stock
Collapsible rifle stock is generally used for military carbine; it makes the weapon easy to carry, move and fire. It saves the space and features no-rattle mechanism; because of its special mechanism, it minimizes the noisy sound that generates between the buffer tube and butt stock when you place the rifle on the shoulder. Snag free design of the collapsible rifle butt stock ensures smooth firing and prevents any tangles with the gear. Some collapsible stocks come with two types of ambidextrous mounting options including QD swivel sockets. 

Minimalist Butt Stock
Designed with an aim to lower the weight of your gun, Minimalist gun stocks ensures all functional needs are fulfilled. This includes multiple sling slots and the detach sling mounting point. The angled rubber pad of the minimalist stock offers a strong and non-slippery grip. 

Cobra Rifle Stock
Providing over-sized cheek rest and the rubber butt pad, Cobra stock is one of the finest rifle stocks available in the market. You can upgrade the traditional gunstock with the cobra stock; it also has a snag-free design for untangled operation. The cobra gunstock kit includes the spring and QD socket. 

MCS Gearup provides all kinds of solutions tactical gears and firearms accessories. Either you are new to this or a professional, you can buy butt stock kits online. Designed and manufactured with precision, all the gun/rifle parts offer durable and smooth performance.