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Weapon Lights: For Aiming the Right Target

May 14th 2020

Accessories provide greater utility and enhance the performance capability of the weapon, allowing you to use it in different situations. Whether creating your customized gun or upgrading the existing one, investing in carefully chosen parts and accessories can elevate your shooting experience substantially. Since there are endless accessories that can be used to personalize your weapon as per the requirements, today we are focusing our attention on the lights and lasers that serve as an aid in aiming the right target, even in low ambient light conditions. Let's gain a quick insight into these gun accessories.

Tactical Light:
A tactical light is a must-have gun accessory for the shooters operating in low light conditions or dark surroundings. It provides the all-important advantage, allowing the shooters to identify the target for precise aiming, reducing the chances of missing the target or potentially providing the edge to the enemy. MCS Gearup brings to you the 1000 Lumens Tactical Light with 3 different brightness levels and 2 tactical flashing modes, namely strobe and SOS. It allows you to switch between different modes or adjust the brightness levels as per the requirements. This tactical flashlight is designed to survive a heavy-duty usage, it is made with the finest quality materials and has a hard-anodized coating that offers protection against all kinds of abrasive factors. The dust-proof and waterproof housing, makes the flashing an ideal handgun accessory for emergency forces and other shooters. It is equipped with an LCR 16340 rechargeable battery that provides a runtime of up to 4 hours when the brightness level is set at the lowest. This rechargeable tactical light can be easily attached or detached from the weapon as per the requirement. It has an ambidextrous design that makes operation a breeze, enhancing the convenience of the shooter.

Green Laser:
Everyone who is engaged in combat situations or plans on using the gun for self-defense must equip the weapon with a laser. It provides you with an edge over the opponent by giving you the advantage of speed, as it clearly indicates where the gun's muzzle is pointed. When defending in high-stress situations where a few seconds means the difference between losing and winning the battle, lasers allow you to get the target more quickly and aim precisely. Lasers are commonly available in red and green color. However, green lasers are a popular choice among gun enthusiasts as it is believed that the green color is more visible in bright as well as low light conditions. The Integral Front Green Laser by MCS Gearup fits into an adapter, allowing for hassle-free assembly into the micro conversation kit. If you are looking for laser sight for Picatinny Rails, the MCS Gearup Compact Green Laser is an ideal choice. It is equipped with an ambidextrous switch that offers the ease of maneuverability to the shooter, especially when operating in tight spaces. This laser sight comes with a built-in battery that can be charged using the given Micro-USB charging cable. Made with premium quality fiber reinforced nylon, this gun accessory resists normal wear and tear, offering long-lasting performance.

MCS Gearup brings to you the widest range of premium quality gun accessories such as laser sights, tactical lights, micro conversion kit, buffer tubes and a lot more. Visit our website and find the perfect accessory for your weapon.