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What All to Look for in Best Rails and Handguns

Nov 3rd 2020

Rails and Handguards come in various shapes and forms with numerous options to choose from like quad rail, M-LOK rail, materials like polymer and aluminum, etc. In such situations, choosing the right handguns can be difficult. But after consideration of some of the following factors, you can choose the one for best functionality and visual appearance.

Mounting Options:
The handguard you choose will decide what other accessories you can mount onto your weapon. Decide on things like how you intend to use your rifle, various accessories you would like to mount on it, the number of accessories you would want, etc.

Weight is an important factor because the more you add to your firearm, the heavier it becomes that can hamper the use and functionality. Also, a heavy one can hamper easy movements.

The most important factor, one should consider in a firearm is, the ease to shoot with precision.

Easy Installation:
While some handguns are easy to install, some are not. For instance, to install a railed free float handguards, there is a need to disassemble the rifle partially. If the tools are handy, it is not much difficult to do. Disassembly and installation will take around 30-40mins.

Heat Resistance:
When any firearm is used for long, it can heat up, making it difficult to be carried around. Heating up in the rifle can be a major issue. Handguards made of aluminum tend to heat up, but side vents can help them cool off. Polymer handguards are a better option.

Drop-in 5.56mm 9" Carbine Rail System:
Replacing the plastic factory hand guards, 5.56mm Carbine M-LOK Rail System is made using Tekko Polymer and it requires no gunsmithing. It is held in place by the Delta ring and hand guard cap, and requires no permanent alterations in the rifle. M-Lock provides a secure platform for mounting Picatinny Rails and accessories such as vertical grips, lights, lasers, bipods, and other rail mounted kit. It comes with one built-in QD mount built-in for right-handed shooters. The gap between the receiver and rail is reduced by a monolithic style continuous top rail. It is made in the USA using quality MFT's proprietary polymer that is both heat and impact resistant. No gunsmithing is required, it features a drop-in screwless installation, held in place by Delta ring and handguard cap with no permanent alterations to rifle. MLOK locations provide a secure platform for mounting Picatinny rails and accessories.

Rails and Handguns at MCS Gearup:
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