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What is an MCK- Micro Conversion Kit - The Beginner's Guide

Posted by MCS Gearup on Sep 12th 2019

What is an MCK- Micro Conversion Kit - The Beginner's Guide

Micro Conversion Kit is an extension to your pistol. When you buy the MCK Micro Conversion Kit, it adds a lot more features to your Glock, Sig or Smith and Wesson handgun. Taking your pistol a notch higher there are MCK accessories available at MCS Gearup. They improve shooting the performance and drastically improve the experience of your Glock, Sig and smith & Wesson. These conversion kits are easy to use and require no modifications. Some of its features are:

Increase the Performance of Your Pistol

These extensions considerably improve the way your pistols perform by providing more stability to it. The ambidextrous and ergonomic design makes for a secure and better grip that is ready to be used by both left and right-handers. The reload time improves significantly, and so does assembly/ disassembly time.

Allows More Room for Customization

These kits make room for customizations that generally would not have been compatible with your pistol. You can add sights, scopes, slings and what not when you shop MCK Micro Conversion Kit online. That makes building an efficient and personalized gun easier, which is a big plus for anyone.

Ease of Use

The best part about these Micro Conversion kits is the ease of use. They can be assembled and disassembled easily. The ambidextrous design and the versatility of pistols that can be used in them, all this makes these kits so popular among people. The lightweight makes it easy to carry anywhere. This makes one-handed use of these kits stress-free.

MCS Gearup is a team of professionals that regularly work in R&D, designing and manufacturing alloys, polymers, and other CAA MCK Micro Conversion Kits. We aim to provide the best in class products to our customers with our continually evolving range of firearms. All our products are made in the USA products and are built to the highest standards. They undergo strict quality tests to provide a lifetime of satisfaction