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What Makes MCK Gen 2 Better than Gen 1 MCK?

Dec 30th 2020

CAA introduced MCK, Micro Conversion Kit Generation 2 handgun conversion kit, and chassis. Though it looks quite similar to MCK first-generation, MCK Gen 2 is anyhow more advanced in various ways. Finally, with the introduction, of MCK Gen2, you should be aware that a total of 8 changes have been made in the overall design to aid in the improved overall performance of the package, to a great extent.

So, if you are wondering what makes MCK Gen 2 better than the previous version, then here is a brief detail about it.

8 Advantages of MCK Gen 2 over 1st Gen MCK-

1.The Gen 2 MCK is designed with a new extended stabilizer. This enables the user to fire the Gen 2 MCK even in the folded and locked position. And guess what? This new stabilizer is even compatible with Gen 1 MCKs.

2.The Gen 2 MCK has a rear door that can extend back at additional 15 degrees. This way, the insertion and extraction of the handgun is much easier.

3.The Gen 2 MCK has a new charging handle which offers more surface contact with the handgun slide’s rear.

4.The Gen 2 MCK accommodates suppressor height sights.

5.The Gen 2 MCK features a top Picatinny rail made using aluminum that aids in improved stability, durability, and accuracy.

6.The Gen 2 MCK also accepts CAA USA’s new brass catcher that is separately sold. It is made especially for our latest generation MCK.

7.An improved magazine holder is equipped in the Gen 2 MCK. It is easy to operate with a mag catch and magazine release button.

8.That’s just not it! The Gen 2 MCK is suppressor friendly and can easily accommodate a suppressor up to 1.38” diameter.

MCK Gen 2 has better ergonomics and is made using the finest quality industrial-grade materials in the USA. Not only is it lightweight, more sturdy, and stable, but also comparatively easier to operate. Also, these firearms are available in various color options for you to choose from. Some color variations are black, white, FDE, OD green, tungsten/gray, orange, red, and pink.

Some Other Top Features

  • Has ergonomic finger groove grip for added stability
  • Ambidextrous fast and easy handling
  • Can shoot even if the stabilizer is folded
  • Compatible with multiple handgun models into one platform
  • Has front spare magazine holder for a faster reload
  • Quicker assembly & disassembly with the built-in handle

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