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Should You Get a Micro Roni for Your Glock?

Should You Get a Micro Roni for Your Glock?

Posted by MCS GEAR UP on Jul 17th 2023

Micro conversion kits (or MCKs) like Micro Roni Glock conversion kits, are very popular, but should you get one for your Glock pistol?

Let’s break down the advantages of these micro conversion kits in this post. If you still have questions after reading, contact us at or at 239-848-6757.

Advantages of Micro Roni Glock Conversion Kits

The main reason people invest in Micro Roni Glock conversion kits is because they transform the entire platform into a sort of snug-nosed carbine with increased modularity, improved handling, and expanded attachment points.

These are some of the best advantages of Micro Roni Glock conversion kits:

  • Improved handling and stability

The MCK is a shoulder mounted platform that has a lot more weight and surface area for you to grab. This enables you to improve your grip over the entire platform and makes it much easier to handle and shoot proficiently and accurately with an MCK as opposed to a naked handgun.

  • Increased weight combats muzzle flip

Naturally, expanding the size of the overall platform will increase the weight, as well. This, paired with the fact that these are shoulder-mounted platforms, vastly improves recoil mitigation. We all know that Glock pistols, with their polymer frames, are lightweight and prone to muzzle flip, but an MCK is an easy fix.

  • Greater accuracy at longer ranges

Because Micro Roni Glock platforms increase the stability of the platform and cut recoil substantially, this enables most users to substantially improve their accuracy, in some cases out well beyond 100 yards.

  • No modifications required

One of the most attractive features of an MCK is that it does not require the user to make any modifications to the platform before configuring it with the conversion kit chassis. This makes CAA MCK platforms truly drop-in ready (see below).

  • More room for attachments

Most MCK platforms are pre-configured with a plethora of attachment points and rail slots that are perfect for mounting lights, saddles, lasers, optics, and other shooting accessories that will greatly expand the utility of the kit.

  • Plenty of purpose-designed MCK accessories

The MCK doesn’t even need to be configurable with attachment points for aftermarket accessories, because there are a wide range of MCK accessories that are specifically designed for them, anyway (see below).

Are Micro Conversion Kits Legal?

Micro Conversion Kits are legal in the United States. However, they may not be legal in your state or local jurisdiction, so if you have any questions, make sure to consult a firearms lawyer first.

How Do You Install a Glock in an MCK?

Installing a Glock pistol into Micro Roni Glock conversion kit is remarkably easy and requires no modification whatsoever to the handgun.

First, be sure to open the action and clear the Glock. Then, holding the MCK in your non-dominant hand, open the gate/door at the bottom of the MCK.

Insert the Glock pistol, slide up (with respect to the MCK) into the open gate, ensuring that the slide of the Glock is fully to the rear of the charging handle.

Flip the MCK over and push the Glock forward until the rail lock clicks into place.

Close the gun door at the rear fully, and it should lock into place with a strong click.

Note: if you remove and reinstall your Glock into an MCK, it will shift the zero of the platform, so you will need to re-sight it if you remove it and reinstall it.

                   Micro Roni Glock

What Are the Best Micro Roni Glock Accessories?

There are a wide range of MCK accessories that are compatible with micro conversion kits. These are some of the best of them:

  • Thumb rests: MCK thumb rests may not be exciting, but they do help with control of the platform.
  • Mag extensions: Who wouldn’t want a few extra rounds? Mag extensions are perfect for that.
  • Backup sights: These MCK backup sights are tough, reliable, and fold out of the way until you need them.
  • One point slings: MCK one point slings will vastly improve weapon retention.
  • Glock extended charging handles: There’s one built into the MCK, but these extended charging handles make manual manipulation of the action easier and more practical.
  • MCK brass catcher: If you shoot a lot, a brass catcher for your MCK can be a great attachment to save you from picking up a ton of spent shells at the range.
  • MCK glass breakers: Glass breakers have a lot of uses, and mount easily to the front of the platform.
  • MCK bipods: Affordable and effective, MCK bipods are a must if you shoot sitting or prone at extended distances.
  • Barrel extensions: Last but not least we have barrel extensions, which increase the power of your handgun and improve the stability of the platform.

In addition to these MCK accessories, we carry a bunch more, including but not limited to lights and optics.