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Bolt Carrier Groups

The AR-15 bolt carrier group (called the "BCG)") is the part of the rifle or pistol that's responsible for performing semiautomatic fire when the trigger is pulled, with a series of steps in this order: Allowing the firing pin to strike the primer on the chambered round.

How long does an AR-15 bolt last? 
The rule of thumb for best performance is to change them out every 5,000 rounds
What calibers use the same BCG?
They are designed for use in the AR-10 and LR-308 style rifle for calibers in the . 308 family and above. Pistol Caliber / Blowback – A pistol caliber or blowback BCG is one that is built to be used in an AR build chambered for a pistol caliber round such as 9mm or 45 ACP.
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