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MCK Accessories

CAA USA, or Command Arms Accessories, designed the MCK, or the Micro-Conversion Kit for a series of popular handguns, including the Taurus G2 and G3, multiple Glock platforms, Smith & Wesson M&P, Sig Sauer and Springfield Armory handguns, and more. MCKs are unique kits that accept a wide range of handguns without alterations, transforming them into stable, expandable platforms capable of accepting a wide range of useful tactical shooting accessories. 

CAA MCK Micro Conversion Kits and Micro Roni Gen 2 kits are compatible with a wide range of CAA MCK accessories that can improve comfort, stability, portability, and accuracy. Among the many accessories we offer here at MCS Gearup are slings, sling mounts, bipods, thumb rests, MCK glass breakers, extended stabilizer braces, tactical lights, laser sights, red dots sights, and much more. 

In addition to dedicated MCK-compatible accessories, the MCK platforms themselves are graced with a generous amount of rail space; the MCK features several inches of Picatinny rail space at the top of the platform, perfect for adding flip-up iron sights, lights, and optics like reflex sights and scopes. 

An MCK or Micro Roni Conversion kit can transform your handgun into a much more stable shooting platform that can easily be expanded with accessories, enabling you to engage at greater distances, shrink your groups, and be better equipped overall. Check out our collection on this page and contact us at 239-848-6757 if you have any questions about product availability or use.