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Build AR-15 at Home with Custom AR-15 Parts

Sep 21st 2020

AR-15 can be built at home in far less than what you might spend on buying a pre-built model. By accumulating custom AR 15 parts, AR-15 rifles can be easily customized at home. To do it in a precise way, you need to have all AR-15 parts, tools, and accessories; possess the knowledge of how they function; and the assembly knowledge as well. Take a look at some of the essential AR-15 parts that will help you prepare AR-15 at home in a comparatively less budget. 

Buffer Tube Receiver End Plate
The ideal use of the buffer tube receiver end plate is to hold a spring and detent in position. They vary in quality construction and colors. Some of these are .223/5.56/.308 Buffer Tube Receiver End Plate – Tan, .223/5.56/.308 Buffer Tube Receiver End Plate, etc.

Buffer Tubes
Buffer tubes are also called as receiver extension and are a cylindrical aluminum housing that contain your AR-15's buffer and recoil spring. They even function as a mounting point for your buttstock or pistol brace. 3oz. ones are popularly used. Some quality buffer tubes are 3oz Recoil Buffer for Model AR15 Carbine.

Rifle Stock
The use of rifle stock is to help the shooter to have a firm grip of the gun and easily aim with stability by being held against the user's shoulder when shooting the gun. It also helps to counter muzzle rise by transmitting recoil straight into the shooter's body. One such quality rifle stock is Alpha Mil Spec Collapsible Rifle Butt Stock – Black with a Snag-free design to prevent any tangles with gear.

The mount is designed to help bring the rifle’s attachments closer to the main body of the gun and decrease the overall size. 45° OFFSET M-LOK® MOUNT is a premium-quality mount to be used with AR-15.

Pistol Grip
As the name says, pistol grip gives an improved grip on the weapon. The ergonomic design fits comfortably in the hand. AR-15 DMR Pistol Grip with Storage is an amazing design featuring finger grooves, thumb rest, a grip texture, and back-strap extension. It comes with storage compartments to store two CR123A batteries, spare parts, or emergency survival supplies.

Trigger Guard
The use of a trigger guard is to act as a loop surrounding the trigger of a firearm and protecting it from accidental discharge. AR15 Oversized Trigger Guard features an aluminum construction available in different matte colors.

Fin Stabilizing Brace
A Stabilizing Fin incorporates a flexible stabilizing area that rests against the inside of the forearm when in the firing position. Fin Stabilizing Brace for AR Pistol has an ergonomic design, is lightweight, and safe to use.

Building your dream AR-15 at home, that too on your own is now easier with the exclusive and affordable range of custom AR 15 parts available at MCS Gearup. The wide range includes many more products including grips, magazines, sights, scopes, and a whole lot of other AR 15 gun accessories. Explore more at MCS Gearup – Your one-stop online destination for tactical gear, optics, and firearm accessories, all available at affordable prices.