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Buyer's Guide - All You Need to Know About Buffer Tube Variations

Posted by MCS Gearup on Oct 19th 2019

Guns and rifles are the base of all military and law enforcement systems, and they require the utmost care. Firearm care requires more than just cleaning and parts replacement. Maintaining proper recoil system is also the main part of keeping the whole system intact when the firearm is in action. This is where buffer tubes come in limelight. The fact that they serve a huge purpose in keeping your precious self-assembled firearm intact makes it even more important to know everything about the anatomy, type & functions of a buffer tube so that you can shop buffer tube kit with confident.

Knowing Your Buffer Tubes Better:

The buffer tube is a part of firearm recoil system which helps in absorbing the shock released as a result of bullet leaving the rifle or gun. Buffer tube consists of 2 parts- buffer and the buffer spring. These two parts combined together slow down the recoil and hence protect the whole frame of the firearm. Generally, you will find buffer tube listed under the ‘lower receiver’ parts of a firearm along with trigger, buttstock, magazines, etc. There are different kinds of buffer tubes which come in different sizes serving diverse purposes.

There are two major categories:

1. Commercial Buffer Tubes: The initial diameter of the tube matches the diameter of the final tube. No access milling is done, and the end cap is welded separately after rolling on threads. The commercial buffer tubes are simply, 2-piece design with a diameter of 1.168 inches.

2Mil-Spec Buffer Tube: These buffer tubes are manufactured as a ‘one-piece’ designed with rolled on threads as per the standards of the General Accountability Office to ensure absolute precision and quality of parts used for military purposes. Forged by using a larger tube milled to military specified diameter resulting in the outside diameter to measure 1.148 inches.

Which One To Buy?

The decision to choose a buffer tube or to buy buffer tube assembly parts should completely depend on your requirements and firearm type. While military buffer tubes provide you with more stock options, the performance quality is exceptional for both designs. There are many other options you can cruise through such as Carabine, Heavy (H)Buffer, H2 Buffer, H3 Buffer, Rifle Buffer, Pistol buffers, etc. Rifle buffer is made with extra-long buffer tubes and pistol buffers are generally smaller in size- less than 16 inches. The rest mentioned differs on the basis weight & material used such as tungsten, aluminum & steel. 

MCS Gearup Has You Covered

Whether you have to shop Pistol Buffer tubes or an extra-long buffer tube, MCS Gearup is your one-stop destination for all kinds of gun accessories & parts. Buy Buffer Tube assemble parts in the best quality here if you are one of the gun enthusiasts and like to assemble your firearm yourself. The buffer tubes are manufactured with a strict quality controlled inspection- designed to provide a quality lifetime use and 100% user satisfaction.