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Guide to Choosing Right Buffer Tubes and Parts

Aug 28th 2020

To ensure that AR-15 is working properly the right buffers and buffer springs are really important. The buffer adds additional weight to aid in the cyclic action of the riffle, and it also serves as a cushion between the buffer spring and the bolt carrier group. Buffer tubes look and function the same way but still, there are a few variances and options available to the rifle builder. The buffer tube serves two purposes.

  • Buffer tubes allow the user to attach a stock to the rifle
  • Buffer tubes encapsulate the buffer and buffer spring, letting the bolt carrier ride back and forth to eject the spent brass and load the next round

What to Consider while Buying?
The right buffer kit can help improve the rifle’s functionality. The right springs and buffers also help optimize gas delivery and reliability. Here are some things to consider when choosing a buffer kit.

1.  Buffer Weight
The right weight of the buffer ensures smooth rifle operation and will extend the overall life of the parts. The right buffer weight for AR-15 depends on the size of your gas port, the length of your gas system, the ammunition in use, and whether or not you will use a suppressor. Take a look at the variations in weight below.

Carbine Weight
3 oz. Is the most common weight in use. Usually uses three steel weights.
One of the bestselling is 3oz. Recoil Buffer for Model AR15 Carbine that has reinforced Buffer Body with Hardcoat Anodizing and a tight fit buffer bumper.

Rifle Buffer Tube Weight
Buffer tube weight is important as it houses the recoil buffer mechanism, and it serves as the attachment point for the buttstock. Weighs around 5.0 oz and uses five steel weights and a steel spacer.

One such cover is 3.5" Foam cover for AR Pistol buffer tube.

2. Buffer Length
These buffer tubes measure 1.145 to 1.150 inches in diameter, while the commercial buffer tubes are a little bit wider.
AR-15 Pistol Buffer Tube, 7.3" Anodized has Aircraft Aluminum Construction and it measures 7.3” Length, 1.25" Diameter.

3. Buffer Springs
Buffer springs may look similar, but they do have differences that can affect your rifle’s functionality. While most rifle and carbine springs have exactly the same diameter, they come in different lengths. Silent Buffer Assembly Spring is one of the best picks. The Trinity Force SCS Silent Capture buffer is a drop-in recoil system specially designed to ensure that your AR-15 functions more smoothly and quieter. The carefully balanced, all-in-one system is easy to install and quickly reduces friction and vibration with much smoother harmonics than traditional buffer systems. Fits M4-style buffer tubes for AR-15 semi-automatic rifles.

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